How to Win at Blackjack


While the casino has a statistical advantage over the players, blackjack does have an element of player choice. Basic strategy helps players reduce the casino’s advantage by determining what action to take on each hand. This strategy relies on the point total of both players and the dealer, as well as the number of decks and house rules. It can vary depending on the house rules and the number of decks used. In order to increase your odds of winning at blackjack, you should learn basic strategy.

Basic strategy

Most blackjack players follow a basic blackjack strategy. The strategy is easy to remember, but it falls short of recognizing complex situations. The majority of blackjack players follow basic strategy, which is why advanced blackjack strategies are better. Having said that, the basic strategy works for most people. It can help you get a head start in blackjack. Read on for some helpful tips. Basic blackjack strategy can help you make the right decisions at the casino. You can use this strategy to milk the casino for free comps!


If you’re an experienced card counter, you may be wondering whether or not you should consider buying Blackjack insurance. While this bet may seem like a good option, there are many drawbacks. This type of bet is rarely effective and only serves to reduce the variance of the game. In fact, blackjack swings can be extremely violent, and there are very few variations of this bet. In most cases, this kind of insurance will not compensate you for your long-term losses.

Hit versus stand

There are two basic types of decision in blackjack: hit and stand. Players can choose to hit if they think they have a good hand, or stand if they think the dealer will bust. Players should remember that the player who stands will likely lose the game. Using charts as a guide is not foolproof; players still have to check the dealer’s card before making a decision. This way, they can ensure that they don’t end up losing.

Splitting your hand

While playing blackjack, you should know the rules for splitting a hand before you play it. The rules for splitting a hand vary among blackjack games. In general, the better hand to split is a pair of eights. This strategy is advantageous because it increases your chances of hitting 21 with a pair of aces and gives you more ways to beat the dealer. However, in some blackjack games, splitting a pair of tens is not recommended.

Bonus payouts

You may be wondering what the terms and conditions are for blackjack bonus payouts. These are generally separate from the rules for regular games. A blackjack bonus is paid whether you win or lose with your regular bet. The odds of winning are 50:1 if your hand includes a Jack+Ace of Spades, 25:1 if you have a Jack+Ace of Hearts, and 5:2 if you have five cards of the same suit.

Side bets

Many casinos have implemented side bets on blackjack tables in order to boost their revenue. These wagers, which are very cheap, usually cost only a few dollars, and come in many flavors. Some of the most popular side bets are Pair Square, which is a bet on whether or not the dealer will get a pair, Lucky Ladies, and Bonus Blackjack. These bets have varying house edges, so they are not recommended for everyone.